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>> no waiting at this check point for logan international airport that. is because airlines cancelled nearly 5,000 flights through tomorrow. at noon today, united air lines cancelled flights in and out of new york airports, cancellations throughout the northwest will affect travelers nationwide in including here, abc 7 news is live now from sfo with the affect of the nor easter right here, heather? >> carolyn, airport says that there were 60 total flights cancelled today that. is 40 departures and 20 arrivals. major cities we're talking about, boston, new york, newark and philadelphia. >> airlines saw it coming and started to notify passengers yesterday of cancellation plans. air travel in the northeast ground a virtual stand still across the nation, 4700 flights were cancelled as of this afternoon. here at san francisco international airport, there
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were dozens of cancellations in and out. united set up a special check in area for rebookings. the airport says confusion was minimized with airlines notifying passengers in advance. some flights out for tomorrow afternoon were still listed as ontime, but no one knows for sure if the weather will cooperate. many passengers were rerouted to get into the same time zone like these business travelers trying to get home to massachusetts. their flight to heartford, connecticut was canceled. >> we're going to washington, d.c. and we don't know where we're going from there. >> do you goat fly out this afternoon? >> no. red eye tonight. >> and then, hail mary to get to heartford? >> we're thinking about taking a train. >> it's not going to surprise me if this weather system stalls to see more cancellations. best advice is for passengers traveling to these city that's
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have reservations is check with the airline, verify the status of the flight. find out what types of options have you available to you. >> fairly common sense advice, it appears many people are heeding it. we haven't seen loads of people stretching out on the floors and chairs here so far. so hopefully, word reached them and they're making alternate plans for the night. at asfo, abc 7 news. >> for information on delays and cancellations you can check out flight tracker on the front page of our web site. >> we're going reassure you we're exwe're fencing -- experiencing dry and calm conditions. the blizzard continues to found northeast. it started off as two storms, one steemg up atlantic coast containing a ton of moisture, another is a snow storm that
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now merged into this blizzard dumping heavy snow in areas. in new york city central park there is light snow, temperatures only 32 degrees. winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour. winds gusting about 35 miles per hour. in boston, already, blizzard condition was moderate to heavy snowfall. peak wind gusts over 50 miles per hour in this storm expected to intensify producing blizzard conditions over much of new england. this storm pushes out to sea. 5,000 flights have been cancelled. in the bay area, chilly tonight. clear skies. a deep chill with locations in
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the north bay valleys seeing temperatures dropping into 20s overnight. sunny, dry and pleasant and only getting milder as we look ahead. thank you. >> police looking for three men who fwheent a convenience store and shot a customer and employee. robbers. >> another came behind the cash register. and jumped out and said i'll shoot you. >> a customer at the back of the store wooz also shot in the leg. both victims are expected to survive. rbers took $2000 in cash and boxes of cigarettes. police are investigating if they're responsible for a similar robbery last month. >> san jose police arrested a man wanted for slipping out of handcuffs then stealing a police van on wednesday night. a 32-year-old was found
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sleeching inside of another stolen vehicle. a truck stolen from a parking lot not far from where the stolen police van was dumped. police say they're looking into how he was able to escape. >> any time have you a suspect escaping from custody it's not only a little embarrassing because it's rare. you know? officers wondering what they could have done differently. >> police found handcuffs they say inside of the stolen truck. >> effort is underway to extend double fine zones two of the dangerous streets, vanness avenue and 19th avenue. state senator says number of pedestrians fatalities dramatically decreased since 2008. >> there were 15 deaths on vanness and 19th avenues from 2003 to 2007 but not one in
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2009 and 2010. sta taftics have not been released yelt. >> we know what caused massive in new orleans says it was a faulty irony is that this real wrai was recently installed to prevent such an outage. that device has been removed and replaced. the good is that we were inside there was no panic or anything like that. so this is a calm situation. >> but bizarre, 34 minutes. >> a popular pe tateo chip company asking to you vote for its newest flavor. >> do you remember this teenager? her attitude in court got her
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into big trouble. how she acted today when she went before the same judge. >> giants get ready for fan fest. what the players are looking forward to as tim lincecum debuts his new look. then, at 4 had:30. >> consolidation is a fact of flif cities. sunnyvale, police, fire and emf are combined. now there is talk of creating a city state going beyond nine counties that. story is still to come. >> michael finney will answer your questions in just a few minutes. and taking a look at san francisco skyway now is slow for those drivers ryeing to gelt out of town or get home on friday. traffic on the left going east across the bay bridge is easier for drivers heading south on 101. >> a live look at fairfield. we're waiting for the district
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attorney to give us an update on arrests made in the murder of a
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developing news in fairfield now. the district attorney is giving us an update in the arrest in the murder of a 13-year-old girl. >> deputy district attorney assigned this homicide and investigator aaron dylan. will make no further comment until arraignment on this casetí this coming wednesday. thank you. >> when is the arraignment? >> wednesday. >> trying to turn that around for you just as soon as possible. police do say the man in custody is someone who they had under surveillance up
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until his arrest today. his name is anthony lamar jones a 32-year-old baurer from from fairfield. >> all that happened there was about a minute long statement. and the prosecutor introduced those involved in the case and apologized to victim families so. a lot of details are still forth coming. we'll keep you postedthon. >> you might remember the young woman who fuse used profanity then flipped off a judge this week. >> the ant yeks -- antics of the 18-year-old went viral resulting in the judge doubling her bail on a drug possession charge and gave her 30 days in jail for contempt of court, today she was back in miami dade court, singing a very different tune in front of the same judge. the teenager offered a tear afl polling.zpdm and i apologize not only to the court and you, but to my family.
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>> the judge dropped the contempt charge and released her from jail. her lawyer said she'll complete a drug treatment program to address the charges of illegally possessing xanax. >> moving on to business news a momentous courter for aol and google chief of planning is planning to unload some of his shares. >> hi, emily. >> good afternoon,)cy larry, carrow lib. aol seeing a boost this afternoon after the web publisher posted its first sales gain in eight years much of that growth coming from the company's third party ad sales business which worked as an how stocks are traded. radio shack is pinning hopes on a drunk store marketing executive. the company named joseph
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magnaka as the fourth ceo. he comes to radio shack from walgreens where he was in charge of marketing and merchandising. available vision selling it's optimum west unit to charter communications providing to customers in rocky mountain states. the deal is expected to close later this year. cable vision bought optimum west for $1.4 billion just two years ago. >> and stocks rose today on strong earnings reports and news european leaders reached a budget agreement. shares of apple and google pushing the index higher as well. and eric hit schmidt is selling part of his stake in the company according to a million class a google shares over next year. today's price those shares
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have a value of $2.5 billion. schmidt says he's doing it for liquid ti reasons after the sale he will still own $4 million shares of google. have a great weekend. >> food news could affect you. >> yes. >> snacking. yes. >> three new lay's potato chip flavor autos take a look at the three finalists. garlic cheesey bread, chicken and waffles and a thai hot sauce. >> a panel waded through four million submissions whittling ut down to these choices. do we need to have a contest? >> three of us agree. >> cheesey garlic bred is going to be the run away winner of this thing. fans will be able to vote for their favorite flavors. the company says the person who submitted the winning
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flavor will win $1 mill million or 1% of the 2013 sales, whichever is more. >> not too shabby. >> i'm thinking the percentage. >> sounds great. >> thousands of giants fans will get a sneak peek at the defending world series champions. giants hosting a fan fest tomorrow, today, players and coaches spoke to reporters. the goints begin spring training tuesday in arizona. sergio roam joz reaction from fans has been inspiring. >> to get the reception has meant a lot toeu.?ñ me. it's motivating really and fulfilling. i walk out to go warm up. like wow, wow. >> it will include q and a sessions where fans can take tours of behind the scenes areas at at and t park.
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it runs from 10:00 to 3:00 tomorrow, admission is free z check out the new look for tim lincecum. that is him in the middle there. yeah. he showed reporters the new styleá7hió today with shofrter r and glasses, clark kent, harry potter. from freak to geek since nickname used to be, well, still is, the freak. he hopes the look will help rebound from back to back subpar seasons on the mound. >> very professional look. >> yes. glasses are not prescription. >> this is just for style. >> just to be cool. >> i can see without these. >> but not very clearly. >> yes. yes. >> a live view from our
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camera, east bay hills looking at western sky what. a beautiful day.pvsw that bright sunny skies just wispy clouds around. no precipitation. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. drying out as we get into next week. temperatures into 50s around the bay area. 51 degrees in san francisco. jose. mostly clear skies temperatures dropping below freezing in some locations. a milder pattern settling in. high@qvy temperatures climbing into mid-60s next week. lows dropping to 29 in santa rosa. 30s in fairfield. low 30s inland east bay. upper 30s to near 40s around the bay. chilly to cold across the bay area, satellite shows a storm
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system bringing us yesterday's showers now down into southern california. high pressure is now building into replace that storm system. another cold dry flow of air produced by circulation around this area of low pressure to our southeast this, area to our northwest. jet stream this morning down over the bay area as well. dry pattern holding through next week. the ridge of high pressure asserts itself. tomorrow, looking for sunny skies in the south bay. high temperatures into upper 50s. on the peninsula, lots of upper 50s as well. and low to mid-50s on coast at pacifica and half moon bay. downtown san francisco, topping out at 56 to go degrees tomorrow. 54 in the sunset district. north bay upper 50s and 60s in santa rosa. near east bay highs, 60s in oakland. 58 in san leeand dro. inland east bay highs into upper 50s rgw 59 in koompk yord and fairfield. 58 in danville and pleasanton. near monterey bay, nearly
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mid-50s. here is the accu-weather forecast. hire into mid-60s, low 60s on the coast which is our nice for this time of the year. and that continues so smooth sailing is ahead. >> whatever form of transportation you can choose. >>"d >> ples make an arrest in a squatting case involving actor ashton kutcher. >> then this little boy gets caught lying and has no idea how he has gotten sprinkles on hi
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listen to this one, prosecutors charged a 12-year-old boy with making prank call that's sent police to the home of ash ton kutcher and to a los angeles bank saying armed men were inside of the home. the boy has been charged with two felony counts with making fake bomb threats and computer intrusion. the practice of making the hoax calls has become known as swatting. they often target celebrity homes in an effort to get the s.w.a.t. team to respond there. >> bad idea. >> yes. >> other entertainment news, sophia ver gara talks about her one and only and big
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britney spears news. >> ceasear's entertainment confirms a possible new headlining act by britney spears, we're told the two parties are engaged in discussions. the possible headline residency will be at planetdulq. >> the famous madam tousseau's wax museum is celebrating the late whitney houston with four new whitney houston figures.c$ñ now modern family star sofia vergara. >> this guy sitting next to me at lunch thinks i'm coming on to him. you know i only have iz for that tall glass of diet pepsi. >> the commercial starts airing on sunday, catch her on
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modern family wednesday nights here on abc. also on abc, oscars, if you haven't already, down load the official app. >> still ahead on abc news at 4:00 an exclusive, new home videos of ethan, a young boy surviving a week long hostage standoff in a bunker and the call his family got the day he was saved.sáy6u >> celebrating 70 years in san francisco. taking a look at how this program has changed schools and lives. >> and san francisco new campaign keeping streets campaign keeping streets litter free y it's getting well, well, well.
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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there is a movement under way that could bring the bay near a larger more efficient entity called a city state. >> david louie is live in san jose tochl plain. david? >> think about this, if you're to split off the bay area from the rest of california we'd
4:28 pm
nobody suggesting independence from california but some are suggesting we ought to consolidate cities, counties and some agencies to create a power house. as you drive around the bay area, it's often difficult to find when you cross from one city to another. technology futurist paul sapho is calling for the bay area to recognize itself as a city state. >> so it's big enough to have global impact and small enough that everybody knows where they belong in the region well. vai strong regional identity. >> transit agencies, police, and fire departments and governments could be consolidated to 3ñ money skpb more efficient. some cities have taken steps in that direction. >> there this is not about hard boundaries but cooperation wex need to reach out and cooperate more with
4:29 pm
santa cruz down they and beyond. >> would this make sense to business leaders and politicians? >> for business, you can see a reduced layer of red tape. >> the strongest opposition might come from residents who want officials to be held accountable to voters. >> you've got 43 cities turning into one city. how local is that? how many officials are there? hm? >> no. not a good thing. >> well no, one thinks this will happen overnight, some people are suggesting this could be done in small st steps to create a bay area city state. one city manager fire chief might retire. idea brought up at city or state of the valley conconvenience this morning in san jose z it's suregi-ñ to spak a lot of debate. >> david, thank you. a study by the business journal ranks san jose on the
4:30 pm
list of best cities for small business growth. san jose is number 10, san francisco, oakland coming in at 13. >> abc news has new video of 5-year-old ethan, the boy surviving a week in a hostage standoff in an underground bunker in alabama. he's been back home since tuesday. abc news reporter david muir spoke to his brother in an exclusive interview. >> this morning an abc news exclusive. the first home movies and malgs from his sixth birthday party. the partyqúp&s his family and tn had been praying for. days before turning six he was snatched from a school bus and dragged to a underground bunker. >> tvccuñ child appears physically unharmed and being treated at a local hospital. the subject is deceased.
4:31 pm
>> in the first interview ethan's brother tell meeg about text messages the family would get from the hostage negotiators keeping the family going. >> we didn't know when at times he was asleep. at night. >> they'd be able to tell you he's gone to bed? >> yes with we'd normally get a text he'd been, fallen asleep. >> was that some comfort? >> that was a lot of comfort. i can go lay my head down. >> his older brother never left their mother's side. >> you were there? >> we were all there when they told us. they said we have ethan. >> this morning the fbi spishl agent whose kale kaul it was to sent that team into the bunker revealed the suspect left behind writings and while in the bunker he'd become agitated bragging of the plan. >> at the end of the day responsibility is mine. i thought the child was going to die. >> david muir reporting.
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fbi agents say the gunman's only friend in that town was the bus driver that he killed. we'll have more from the investigation and hear more from the family tonight on 2020. >> san francisco has been recognized as a progressive city n 1943 the school district established four day care centers. today, san francisco is celebrating 70th anniversary. taking a look at what early education has done for children in the city. >> school board has been instrumental. the men went to war, the women had to go to work. who is going take care of the kids? there were only four of the centers today there are 43. >> this child development center was originally called yerba buena children's center, one in four founded in
4:33 pm
19436789 the nation in the middle of world war ii. the program supported low income families, pry marily women entering the work force sometimes refered to as rosie the riveter mom autos for them to go to work they needed to have child care this, is the beginning of the federal child care. >> these are pictures archive bid sab fran public library. besides a fi good meals they provided health care for toddlers and preschoolers and cots for the important nap. the library has a sill will you beus written in 1953. over the year as more homes had both parents joining the work force, the need for centers increased. the district now has 43 of the sites. the cost to attend is based on a family income.
4:34 pm
the district still subsidizes this program. other districts have cut back, sanmé4 francisco unified managd to hold on to them. >> we have our great partners from funders private, public. >> the district says back then, and now, focus has been on education. and preparing kids for kindergarten, setting foundation for a life of learning. >> if we set the foundation now school is important, and touch on kpon yents of a great education, hopefully they'll have a love of learning and be successful, even in college. >> san francisco unified posted high test scores among all urban districts in the state. and this evening swril a celebration to mark 70 years of early ed oox thank you. those kids so well behaved doing their little project. san francisco city leaders held a pep rally to gutierrez
4:35 pm
dents to clean up the city including cheerleaders, politicians as well as giants outfielder hunter pens. this is to launch the antilitter campaign called giants sweep. last year city workers picked up almost 23,000 tons of materials dumped on the streets. >> if every neighborhood, every business, everybody raised consciousness so trash is not just picked up by public works but that all of us prevent it from getting on our streets. >> as part of theowqy campaign e city will hold several neighborhood clean up events. first one scheduled for >> a new whooping cough strain causes new concerns in the u.s.. >> john, what are you eat something. >> nothing. >> you didn't eat anything? t >> nothing? this video of a 3-year-old boy
4:36 pm
going viral. watch, he's sticking to his story when mom catches him in a lie. >> i'm michael finney. i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook so... you can contact me at finney and over on twitter at m finney. i'll answer questions here live a little later. >> from mount tam, temperatures will be soon rising. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> taking a look at traffic now, a little bit slower for drivers heading north. all in all, not too bafd a ride on this friday.
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parents as you know catch little ones in white lies all the time. >> check out this video. it shows a 3-year-old getting caught in a whopper. >> john, what are you eat something. >> nothing. >> you didn't eat anything? >> yeah. nothing. >> john, look at mommy. >> anything. >> john? can you explain why the sprinkles are empty? >> well, they're not empty. >> john? look at me. >> they're not empty. >> did you eat those sprinkles? >> no. i didn't. >> john? >> yes? >> you have sprinkles on your face. >> no. no. oh, no. i did not eat sprinkles. >> oh, my gosh. just denying john.
4:40 pm
mom was able to contain her laughter unlike the 60,000 people who watched this video. john's mom said she has a long talk with him about telling the truth. does that happen with your kids? >> i'm sure it has. >> too many times to recount. we often have to scold spencer christian also to make sure he, well, the forecast is always accurate. >> i thought it was going to rain today, it did not. dry conditions almost cloud free skies today, taking a look at nationwide conditions tomorrow, going to be an active winter weather pattern getting pounded now by a blizzard as you probably know. the blizzard will be winding down tomorrow. upper mid west, snowy , snow over central rockies and parts of the southwest. showers along the gulf coast but here in state of california tomorrow, we'll look at dry conditions there, showers today will be tapering
4:41 pm
off tomorrow giving way to partly sunny skies. not a mild day, but cool with highs into 50s all across the state and that includes the bay area. is going to be very cold in some locations overnight and into early morning hours, north bay valleys and inland valleys of the east bay. low temperatures dropping below freezing, tomorrow, sunny skies and high temperatures into upper 50s to around 60 degrees in oakland and santa rose y upper 50s down in the south bay and inland east bay.,2q beginning to see a milder pattern settling in. and looking forward to a nice weekend ahead. >> a major milestone for a pakistani girl shot in the head by the taliban. >> a high tech collaboration changing the live for a 5-year-old boy. >> can you sell your airline miles if they're about to expire?
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checking healthy living news health officials say the worst of the flu season appears to be over. the senters for disease control and prevention said numberc pjñ of states reporting
4:45 pm
wide spread flu dropped again last week. officials say flu activity began adding about four weeks ago with the number of deaths dropping in two weeks. this flu season started about a month earlier than normal with stronger cases of illness than had been seen in nine years, researchers say they've discovered first u.s. cases of whooping cough caused by a germ that may be resistent to the current vaccine, previously reported in japan, france and finland. cdc said it just went lieu the worst year for whooping cough in six decades. it can strike people of any airj but most dangerous to children. >> and the pakistani teenager shot by a taliban gunman for advocating education for girls is out of the hospital. she left the hospital today and this is video of her taken on monday. the teenager was shot in the head last october and has battled back from wounds
4:46 pm
enduring two praises to repair her skull and restore her hearing. her story moved pakistan to vow it would fight for girls rights and against the fally ban. >> a self admitted sif eye geek in bellingham washington turned his unusual hobby into a life changer for a little boy in south africa. he's made cool gadgets this is cool stuff but it was his costume hands that cost the eye of a mom. she asked if he can make something for her 5-year-old son lee yam, -- liam born without fingers, when liam bends his wrist, cables pull and his fingers close. >> he made a real saigs of how it fink functions he shouted "it copies me" now, liam is picking up coins and an
4:47 pm
amazing life changer for little liam whose family could not afford the mechanical hand. ivan made this one for just 150s oodz michael finney is here now to answer questions you've sent to him and this one comes from rich asking where can i go with my guide dog? including restaurants, airplanes, airports, medical centers into your doctor's office. if you can go there, the dog can go there. only time there is a tweak is here in the state of california a companion animal can go anywhere but federal rules don't always allow that including on airplanes but for a kog dog, guide dog, anywhere. >> next one is interesting. everybody has mileage plus
4:48 pm
miles, judy e mails i have airline miles about to expire is there a way to sell those? >> there is a way. there are several web its out there. i'm not going tell you where they are. you can google them. here is the problem. if do you that, airlines always have wording in their little print down there that said if you get caught set selling them, they can kick you out of the program and they do that. what i prefer do you is you're allowed to give the miles to a friend and family member. often, i can take miles and give them to charity. potentially writing off worth. and they os ls now many times have magazine subscriptions and smaller things so it's better to stick with their rules and figure out how to use miles, gift them. >> karen b asked whom would i contact to confirm legit mass yeef a company offering a loan mod snix. >> me. i tell you. i've got so much work on this,
4:49 pm
there are a lot of scam artists out there. it's aa major problem. on our web site i've list aid group of loan modification people. they're all approved by the government. they tend to be free or very low cost. i want you to go to our web site abc 7 and check out that list. plet me give you basic law this, is one i worked hard on. it gez sez if they ask for money up front it's anbt#rillel operation. that they're allowed to get paid for modifying loan after the loan is modified. not before. if someone tries to get money up front it's a rippoff. >> the second they ask for cash you know it's not the person? >> absolutely. they can have you sign a contract saying once i get loan modified i'm going charge thu much money. no money up front. >> back end for them. >> yes. >> thank you. >> sure. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 efforts to make the air around oakland's lake merit clean year in the abc 7
4:50 pm
newsroom coming up at 5:00 a treasure trove of confiscated item that's went up for auction today. they can help furnish your home and a church with an ancient altar. then from michael finney flower deals you can find for valentine's day. why final costs don't usually match advertised rate. those stories and more coming up at 5:00.
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a new front is opening up against smokiers and those that don't want to breathe in that smoke. >> it seems we've entered an era you no longer need a signature, you can go to a web site like and click the mouse and maybe affect change it's making waves on a normally placid lake merit.
4:54 pm
lake mer yismt a nice place to visit, walk, run, look at ducks. how about to smoke? >> i just try to be mindful. people are sensitive about smoking now. i'm not oblivious to that. >> the smoke offends people, hence 250 signatures on a petitiontddz banning smoking alg lake merit's perry -- perimeter. >> 250 people is something that is going to make us stand up and take notice. >> already, in oakland smokers banned from office buildings or areas within 25 feet of them.$8)70 runners around lake merit told us they sip port the proposal. why being forced to breathe lethal fumes? >> it's horrible. i can't stand it. it's almost disrespectful to runner autos don't they vai right to smoke? >> somewhere else this, is jogging and running area. not a smoking area. >> it's not that simple. this isn't so much about smoking as a fundamental
4:55 pm
argument about the nature of freedom. does health outweigh the right to harm one's lung autos this world is going nuts. our freedom, they're disappearing. >> i do believe smoking isn't good for anyone but for an outdoor area, i don't believe you can legislate that. >> we have a right to have clean, fresh air just as much as they have a right to smoke and smoke in designated areas. this shouldn't be one. >> where do they recommended to smoke? >> somewhere other than the lake. >> it's all very virtual. we reached out to the author by e mail. that person never got back to us. the city council members have never seen a petition. so i say it's virtual it's maybe this whole thing will last as long as a puff of smoke in the air. wayne freedman abc 7 news.
4:56 pm
>> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> our alarm clock app is veil for an droid as well as google play and is also still available if you have an iphone. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. terror plot about to unfold in our own backyard. how a federal agent managed to stop planned bombing of a bank. >> and a vigil tonight fr a young girl found dmaed a park. police arrest a man they had under 24 hours surveillance. >> i'm sandhya patel. i'll slatest on the major storms developing and a look at changing weather for the weekend coming up. >> police say they have a killer in custody for murder
4:57 pm
of a 13-year-old girl. i'm cheryl jengs. >> a week after that young teenager was found dead in a park, police arrested the man they say is responsible. >> they identified the 32-year-old anthony lamar jones early ons a suspect. investigators say they were watching him around the clock he was arrested just blocks from where a surveillance camera took this last known photo of jannel conway allen on the afternoon she>w we're live wlaitest. vick? >> there isggp a sense of relif among people here in fairfield. people who did not know if there was a serial killer on the loose or what. this is how it went down. police began the operation at several locations and this is where jones flifz a house behind that crime scene tape, you can see csiupiz units took t presumably one of jones's
4:58 pm
computers. this is his house but not where he was arrested. anthony lamar jones is 32 years old arrested this morning at his mother's apartment in this residential complex near 1 had00 block of east tabber avenue. a neighbor told us an officer knocked on her door at 6:30. >> he asked me questions and showed me pictures of a man they thought was the perpetrator and pictures of the girl and asked if i've been to crown barber it turned out to be a men's hair styling shop jones reportedly started here at this mall last year with several other associates. police also appeared here this morning during the operation. they took evidence from the shop. john is a contractor helping with the electrical wiring in this salon. he was shocked to learn about the arrest. >> they just seemed like nice
4:59 pm
guys they're going to start a business. just -- nothing seemed out of the ordinary about them. >> police also roped off this house on clipper lane. investigators brought out more evidence from the home. police say they had identitied him adds a suspect in the investigation. >> he's been under 24 hour surveillance there was no danger to public during the investigation. >> jones mother's apartment the place of his arrest is blocks from this market. this week police release aid picture of the 13-year-old taken by a police surveillance camera across street from the market. jannel's naked body nound a park in fairfield the day after her disaappearance, on january 31. it wasn't until this week that police identified her as the missing 13-year-old. >> abc 7 news smoke spoek with jones mother saying she's

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